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    This site offers sexually oriented material with images of nude adults engaging in sexual acts. This site is explicitly prohibited to minors. Carefully read the hereunder mentioned terms. Access is allowed only after you have agreed to these terms and only when you meet the conditions as mentioned. This site is intended to offer sexually-oriented adult material including videos, images, text descriptions, audio and so on. The law in your country or state decides whether you are an adult or a minor. In some countries adults are persons of at least 18 years of age and in other countries of at least 21 years of age. Access from people who reside areas or countries that prohibit such affinity orientations from being transmitted, accepted, viewed, distributed or circulated is prohibited. Misrepresenting your age in order to gain access can be a violation of local, state or federal laws and as such considered a penal act, as well as a breach of contract towards DownloadJAV. It is prohibited to allow minors to have access to any materials and /of information on this and/or the following pages.



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