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    Miyuki Kamiya Miyuki Kamiya
    Miyuki Kamiya


    Miyuki Kamiya

    Birthdate: 05/02/82

    Zodiac: Taurus

    Home: Tokyo

    Breasts: 80 cm (31 in)

    Cup: C-65

    Waist: 58 cm (23 in)

    Hips: 86 cm (34 in)

    Height: 150 cm (4 ft 11 in)

    Hobby: shopping


    Miyuki Kamiya has the looks to make you think she could be a model or even a pop star, and she has big, soulful eyes and that innocent, pure look that makes it so much more fulfilling to watch her get nailed and violated in all sorts of humiliating ways. Not surprisingly, that's exactly what happens in most of her films.

    Perhaps not surprisingly, Miyuki often does cosplay, taking turns with the popular schoolgirl and nurse fetishes in her "MIYUKI KAMIYA" title, which also features some bondage. Several of her other titles such as "Essence 2" and "Passion Spa" focus on Miyuki having sex in public, because really, what's hotter than the idea of someone as hot as Miyuki getting naked and having sex out in the open?

    Miyuki is one of those ultra-pretty JAV actresses whose beauty translates to the screen. It's one thing to be all made-up for the video covers, but to look gorgeous while various men are using your body in all sorts of different ways is something else entirely, and Miyuki somehow looks gorgeous throughout it all.






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