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    Featured JAV Movies for This Week


    Maki Tomada in Day In Deeps PR Department

    Day In Deeps PR Department with Maki Tomada


    OL of the Week awarded the week of 2014-04-09. This one takes a common theme - the offices of an AV company - and does a full reverse! Sure, the star of this flick gets naked, but it's in a real office full of real working stiffs! Guys at desks minding their own business get treated to a quick suck or fuck with the ever-willing Maki Tomada!


    Kana Kawai in Beat on the Dick with a Baseball Bat

    Beat on the Dick with a Baseball Bat with Kana Kawai


    Wut of the Week awarded the week of 2014-04-09. Wow, what a poor title for an AV! This has nothing to do with any sort of hardcore games and everything to do with Kana fucking the baseball team - some one at a time, sometimes more. She's the ultimate sports groupie!


    Sae Takaoka in Huntie Under The Blue

    Huntie Under The Blue with Sae Takaoka


    Island Vacation of the Week awarded the week of 2014-04-09. Sae heads to the southern islands for a porn shoot and gets more than she bargained for! In addition to some really sweet sex on the sand, they wake her up in her room with an incredible finger fuck. After she cums, the actor helps the groggy Sae stand up and walk down the hall to a better-lit room, where they proceed with a sex scene!


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